Automating PDF documents

With reference to the content and conditions, documents can be identified, shared and metadata are read out. The documents can be reassembles after criteria. Stationery can underlaid content controlled. The documents can be printed or sent via email.


PDFmdx Job Prozessor

Central, server-based, automated and unattended processing of documents via Folder Monitoring. Multiple jobs can be created and several input folders can therefore be monitored. Per Job / input folder there is a pre-selection of the recognizable templates and layouts. The processor checks each document to be processed against the pre-selected template / layout. If the detection conditions are met, the processing is carried out, which has been set via the template / layout. The Job Processor executes what has been set over the PDFmdx Template Editor on logic and processing steps.

Windows Service

For server-based and unattended processing a Windows service will be installed. Alternatively, a bootable applications can be used. The service account to be used is configurable.

Email Server Configuration

The dispatch of e-mails made via a SMTP server, with or without encryption and authentication. Any errors that occur can be signaled via e-mail.

Output only data

This option allows only read metadata from documents, but not to change the documents themselves. There is no sharing, rename, move, etc.

Pre Split

Large documents with many pages can be split in advance to speed up the processing. Options: pre-split over a template on conditions, ield contents change, by page number or layout change.

Scheduled processing

By default, newly added files are immediately detected and processed. However, there is also the scheduling - in minute intervals, daily at a certain time or with specified date / time.

Print-Server Configuration

The PDF Printer Print Server service is also supported. Selecting the default printer, and which field the printer controls. Alias mapping allows you to assign values read to a physical printer.

Parallel processing

With sufficient resources, and a high volume of documents, several parallel processing processor can be configured and operated.

Copy to

Input documents can therefore be automatically copied to the other selected jobs / folder. This allows providing different results from the input document.

Templates / Layout-selection

Per job / folder is selected towards which templates / layouts will be tested. Adventitious New Inbox folder documents are tested against this choice, with a positive result, the processing is performed on this basis.

Error Folder / Logging

Errors are logged. The relevant document is moved to the Error Folder. If configured, also an error email is sent. Successful processes are logged via the metadata file.

UseCase: Collective invoices and credit notes – recognizing, reading and split into single documents

In this application, a stack of documents containing invoices and credit notes with different layouts exist. This must be split into individual documents and the single documents are named after the document number. Not only the layout of the document types are different, even within the same document type, the position of the document number, depending on the number of address lines may be vertically different.

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Automate PDF document processing

  • Collective invoices and credit notes - recognizing, reading and split into single documents
  • Scan invoices, automatically detect, read metadata for further processing
  • Split Total reports and compose new according to different criteria
  • Share documents, rename, organize in folders and make them accessible via OwnCloud mobile clients
  • Generate tickets, vouchers and invoices by underlay of graphics and output via a print server
  • Underlay of stationery
  • Automated archiving of reports and documents
  • Sending invoices, order confirmations, reminders, appointment reminders
  • We use PDFmdx MetaData Extractor very successfully in our company. Especially our sales appreciates the uncomplicated information gain at the customer site. Our Offers / Confirmations will be extracted as a PDF from the ERP and synchronized with the cloud solution to the Tablet of the employeethe folder structure created by PDFmdx allows a very clear solution.

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