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Split collective invoices and credit notes in individual receipts
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Use Cases

Collective invoices and credit notes - recognizing, reading and split into single documents

In this application, a stack of documents containing invoices and credit notes with different layouts exist. This must be split into individual documents and the single documents are named after the document number. Not only the layout of the document types are different, even within the same document type, the position of the document number, depending on the number of address lines may be vertically different.

Scan invoices, automatically detect, read metadata for further processing

Incoming invoices are scanned and converted via the AutoOCR server into searchable PDFs. In PDFmdx layout and the detection logic for incoming invoices of each vendor is stored. The read out fields are equal and uniformly defined for the accounts of all suppliers. Depending on the supplier you will find the desired information at different locations. A search for "anchor fields" serves both, "migrating" positions through scanning, as well as to be able to process the different layouts. Likewise, so grand total values that are both on different vertical positions as well as on different pages, are searched and read.

Split Total reports and compose new according to different criteria

Monthly reports are produced as joint PDF and have a predefined sorting and structuring. This whole report should be divided into single reports, re-sorted according to different criteria and restructured on PDF bookmarks. Cover sheets of overall reports are to be detected and deleted. PDFmdx can recognize to be deleted pages and split entire PDF documents on the content and conditions into single documents and rename them. These single documents can be re-sorted and structured on the information read from the individual pages.

Share documents, rename, organize in folders and make them accessible via OwnCloud mobile clients

Orders and order confirmations shall be made available to sales representatives using mobile clients. Periodically, the newly added orders and order confirmations from the ERP are printed as PDF. PDFmdx divides the complete to single PDF documents and reads all the necessary information from the documents for the naming and structure of the folder structure. The single documents are named via variables and moved to the specified folder structure. The document structure so generated is replicated by OwnCloud. Thus, the field staff have ongoing access to the latest orders and order confirmations via a simple and clear folder structure on their mobile devices.

Generate tickets, vouchers and invoices by underlay of graphics and output via a print server

From a web store of an event center we generate, due to an order, a document set of tickets, vouchers and invoices as PDF. The entire document is split into the individual documents. Depending on the document type and depending on the event, for which the coupon or the ticket has been created, current and suitable graphics are stored and output to different printers. PDFmdx divides the entire document in individual documents, reads the information which graphics and which printer to use. The printing is then performed via the PDF2Printer print server.

Underlay of stationery

There are companies with a centralized information processing for a variety of projects or subsidiaries / sub-companies. Managing, underlay and easy control of perfectly framed PDF stationery for the generated documents is usually not possible for a standard application, or the adjustments are difficult and time-consuming. PDFmdx is able to solve this problem - the stationery and PDF forms need not be considered in the application. Over contents and criteria from the PDF document may be controlled which stationery is to be used. Adjustments and changes so are reduced to the simple exchange of a PDF document.

Automated archiving of reports and documents

Accounting, payroll or ERP documents and reports are printed via the PDF printer driver into a specified folder. PDFmdx recognize which document or report it is due to the content and criteria. It uses the appropriate layout with field definitions. Thus the necessary metadata for archiving are read and written way as XML, CSV or XLS. The necessary information for archiving must therefore not be entered manually but can be obtained automatically from the documents.

Sending invoices, order confirmations, reminders, appointment reminders

PDF documents are processed individually or as a complete file. In the overall file first done a split into individual documents. As a split criterion for example the invoice number is used. From the documents the email address, the document date and the document number is read. The document number is used as a variable for the naming of single files. Then a PDF stationery is underlaid and an electronic signature will be applied . The documents are then individually and automatically sent via email. The PDF document is inserted as Annex. The subject and message are inserted through a pre-defined block with the possibility to use the data read from the document information as a variable in the text again. PDFmdx thus offers the possibility to run automated further processing from any ERP Software. It is sufficient to print reports using a simple printing via PDF printer driver into a specified folder.

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